Learn How to Draw Anime Heads: Unleash Your Creativity!

Anime heads in your drawings? No problem! Drawing them isn’t so hard. This guide will help you make amazing artwork in no time. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro artist. You’ll find tips and tricks here that’ll help you draw anime heads accurately. Follow this guide and start creating beautiful images today!

Definition of anime and manga

Learning to draw anime heads? Understand what anime and manga mean. Anime is an animated version of manga or Japanese comics. Manga has a special art style from Japan. It features exaggerated bits, like big eyes, and spiky hair, and emphasis on character expression. When drawing, pay attention to eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hairstyle, and shading. Refer to manga references, practice sketching, and study anatomy. Master the design elements and create memorable characters.

Importance of character design in anime and manga

character design in anime and manga

Character design is essential in anime and manga. It helps to show a character’s emotions, personality, and story in an attractive way. The head is the most important part. It should have facial features that fit the age, gender, and personality. Stand-out details like hairstyles, facial expressions, and name designs make the character recognizable. By mastering design, artists can make characters that are visually pleasing and can tell a story.

Drawing the Basic Head Shape

Drawing the Basic Head Shape is a must for anime drawings! Knowing the structure and proportions of the head helps to create realistic and attractive characters. Let us guide you through this process. Our experience will help you draw the basic head shape with ease.

Tools required for drawing

tools for drawing

For drawing a basic anime head shape, you need pencils, erasers, and rulers. The ruler is key for making straight lines and measuring features. If you are having trouble drawing the circle for the head, try using the compass to help you make the head and face the right size. Remember to keep the shape round. Specialized anime drawing tools like non-photo blue pencils let you sketch out ideas without visible marks.

Follow the steps to become an expert in no time. Pro tip: Experiment with techniques and materials to find the best ones for your style.

Drawing a circle and a vertical line

Draw a circle and a vertical line to create the basic head shape in anime. This is a fundamental step. It will make a proportionate, symmetrical head.

  • Start with a large circle in the center of your paper. This will be the top of the head. Draw a vertical line down the middle. This marks the center of the face. It helps you accurately position facial features.
  • Add details such as eyes, nose, and mouth. Use the circle and line as a guide. This ensures a balanced, proportionate anime character face.

Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques to get better at anime drawing.

Drawing guidelines for eyes

drawing eyes

Drawing eyes can be tough. But with a guideline, it’s easier.

  • Draw a basic head shape. This includes the eyes’ placement and proportions.
  • Divide the face into three sections. Put the eyes on the line between the top and middle third. Make sure the eyes fit within the middle third.
  • Draw an oval in this space. Put the iris and pupil at the bottom. Add a highlight at the top of the iris.
  • Practice on a separate sheet before using it in the artwork.

Drawing guidelines for the nose line

Drawing the nose line is key when drawing anime heads. A guideline can help you stay accurate and symmetrical. When drawing the basic head shape, remember to keep the nose’s placement in mind.

Here’s some advice for drawing the nose line:

  1. First, draw the basic head shape and the eyes’ positioning
  2. Then, draw a vertical line from the inner corner of each eye down to where the nose will be
  3. Draw a horizontal line across the face, as the base for the nose
  4. Finally, sketch the shape of the nose, considering the proportions and angle of the face

Using these guidelines will help you create a symmetrical and well-proportioned anime head. Plus, practice drawing different nose shapes and angles to add variety and depth to your art.

Outline the jaw for your character

outline jaw

Drawing an anime head? Outline the jaw! It’s an important step for creating a proportionate character. Unbalanced jaws can make them look unrealistic.

Start by drawing a horizontal line at the ears’ top. Then draw two vertical lines to the chin’s bottom. Create a sharp V-shape in the middle. Draw a curved line from one vertical line to the other. Adjust and refine to fit your style. Following these steps will ensure a strong and attractive jawline. Practice different jaw shapes and angles to bring personality to your characters.

Adding the Features

Adding Features is key to drawing anime heads. It gives life and individuality to your creation. Concentrate on particulars that make an anime head special, to form a memorable and fascinating character.

Through our own knowledge, we’ll look into techniques for adding features to anime drawings. This helps you make vibrant and emotive characters!

Placing ears on the sides of the head

Drawing anime heads with ears can be challenging. But, it’s easy when you know the basics. To make your anime drawings look realistic, place the ears at the same height as the eyes and angle them away from the head a bit.

Here’s how:

  1. Start by drawing the head shape and guidelines for the ears.
  2. Line up the top of the ears with the eyebrows.
  3. Draw the ears as simple shapes.
  4. Add details like inner ear and folds.

By following these steps, your anime drawings will look amazing!

To get better, practice drawing ears from different angles.

Drawing the nose

Drawing the nose

Drawing anime heads requires mastering the nose. Pay attention to the angle, shape, size, and surrounding features. Understand nose anatomy to draw accurately. Reference images of real noses or other anime drawings can be useful. Break down the nose into shapes and build it layer by layer.

Pro tip: Add shadows and highlights to the nose for a realistic look.

Drawing the eyes

Drawing anime eyes is key in creating artwork. Beginners often have difficulty with this. But, with practice and the right techniques, anyone can do it! When drawing anime eyes, think about the size, shape, & placement of the iris & pupils. Also, shading & highlighting to create depth & dimension. Knowing the styles of anime eyes is helpful in creating unique characters. With proper training & practice, anyone can master anime eyes. Pro tip: Start with basic shapes & work up to more complex details to learn fundamentals.

Sketching the eyebrows

eyebrows drawing anime

Sketching eyebrows for anime heads is important for adding emotion and expression. Start by lightly sketching the shape of the eyebrow to the natural curve of the brow bone. Then, use quick strokes to make it look like individual hairs. Lastly, add shading to make the brow look three-dimensional.

Cleaning up and Finishing the Drawing

Cleanup is a must for acing anime head drawings! This step-by-step guide will help you create a finished piece that looks great. Get ready for smooth lines and a polished outcome. Let’s get started!

Erasing the guidelines

Erasing guidelines is essential for completing your anime head drawing. Guidelines are used as a reference for the basic structure but must be removed for the final drawing. Erasing these lines brings a polished look and more depth to the drawing. Use a kneaded eraser, and carefully erase until the lines are gone. Don’t erase important lines and details! If you make a mistake, redraw it with a pencil. Finishing the drawing takes time and patience. Don’t rush, and take breaks when needed.

Giving your character a fun hairstyle

anime hairstyle drawing

Adding a unique hairstyle to your anime character will bring out their personality and make them stand out! Think about the character’s mood and backstory when deciding on a style. It could be a spiky mohawk or a flowing ponytail.

For extra flair, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair colors and textures! This will really bring out the character’s personality.

Shading the face with a pencil to give it more depth

Shading anime heads with a pencil is a great way for adding depth and dimension. Light and shadow can make the drawing look more three-dimensional. Shade with a lighter touch to create depth and volume. Increase pressure and blend with a tool or your finger to make the shading look more realistic.

Pro tip: Use a reference photo to help out while shading and practice to improve your skills.

Tips and Tricks

Are you an anime artist? Always looking for ways to level up your skills? We’ve got the scoop! Here are our best tips and techniques for drawing anime heads. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, these tricks can help you take your characters to the next level. Get ready to create some amazing art!

Drawing regular faces to improve skills

Drawing regular faces can help you draw anime heads better. Knowing how far apart the eyes, nose, and mouth are, is the start for anime styles. Drawing regular faces with different angles and expressions can improve your spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. This is important for drawing accurate and lively anime characters.

  • Start by learning the proportions of human faces, and use reference materials to practice.
  • Try different styles and techniques to make a unique character.
  • Also, regular practice and patience are key to getting better.

Pro Tip: To improve, observe your favorite artist’s styles and techniques.

Keeping a sketchbook and pencil

Having a sketchbook and pencil is key to becoming a great anime head artist. Sketching helps build drawing skills, keep ideas fresh, and track progress. Have them close by, so you can capture inspiring moments or practice techniques. Sketchbooks let you try out various head shapes, angles, and expressions for a unique anime style.

You can also practice shading and draw different hair and eyes. Keep the sketchbook near and enjoy creating a unique anime style!

Pro Tip: Use pencils with different line thicknesses and shading effects. Plus, use reference images or real-life models to better your anime head drawing skills.


How to Draw Anime

What materials do I need to draw Anime Heads?

All you really need is a pencil and paper to get started, but many artists prefer to use digital tools like tablets and styluses to create more polished illustrations.

How can I make my Anime Heads look more realistic?

One way to make your Anime Heads look more realistic is to pay attention to the details of the face, such as the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can also experiment with shading and coloring techniques to create depth and texture.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when drawing Anime Heads?

Some common mistakes to avoid when drawing Anime Heads include making the head too large or too small, distorting the facial proportions, and neglecting the details of the hair and clothing.

What are some resources I can use to learn more about drawing Anime Heads?

There are many online tutorials, books, and community groups dedicated to helping aspiring artists learn how to draw Anime Heads. You can also seek out classes or workshops in your local area for more hands-on learning opportunities.

How do I decide on the hairstyle for an anime head?

The hairstyle for it can be decided based on the character’s personality, the time period the anime is set in, or personal preference.

How do I draw different expressions on an anime head?

Different expressions on it can be achieved by adjusting the position and size of the facial features, as well as the shape of the eyes and mouth.

How do I draw an anime head from different angles?

Drawing it from different angles involves adjusting the perspective and placement of the facial features based on the angle of the head.

What is the difference between drawing male and female anime heads?

The main difference between drawing them is in the shape and size of the facial features, as well as the hairstyle and clothing.

How can I add depth to my anime head drawings?

Adding shading and highlights can help add depth and dimension to your drawings.

How long does it take to learn how to draw anime heads?

The time it takes to learn how to draw them varies based on individual skill and dedication, but with regular practice, it is possible to see improvement in a few weeks or months.

Can I add my own style to anime head drawings?

Yes, adding your own style to them is encouraged, as it can make the artwork unique and personal.


In conclusion, learning how to draw anime heads can be a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone interested in anime and manga. While there are no specific rules or guidelines to follow when drawing anime heads, it’s important to practice regularly and pay attention to proportion, balance, and symmetry between the facial features.

Using references, experimenting with different hairstyles and expressions, and adding shading and texture can help improve the quality and realism of anime head drawings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, anyone can learn how to draw anime heads with practice and dedication. With the wide range of online resources available, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop your own personal style. So why not give it a try and see where your imagination and creativity take you?